Industrial Lubricant Storage: Six Common Mistakes

"Industrial lubricants aren't something most manufacturers think much about. However, industrial lubricants affect many of the most costly areas of a manufacturing operation: machine downtime, disposal costs, parts failure and labor costs."

Chris Fisk, Vice President and General Manager of Acculube, wrote an insightful article in this month's Plant Engineering magazine discussing 6 common lubricant storage mistakes. As a distributor of Des-Case products, we are always excited to help spread Acculube's message to further promote lubrication best practices.

As Chris states, six common mistakes are...

  1. Using contaminated containers
  2. Storing lubricants outside
  3. Not using color-coded, transparent containers
  4. Not identifying fill points on the machine
  5. Failing to flush the line after a contamination
  6. Not using the oldest purchased lubricant first

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