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An aircraft hydraulic system is a very high performance system with a high risk both in human life and financial cost when failures occur while in flight. One of the most critical challenges is particulate contamination and must be addressed by the designers and maintenance personnel associated with the hydraulic systems on aircraft. Fortunately, however, contamination induced failures can be avoided, or at least minimized, if appropriate lubrication best practices are applied to design and maintenance activities.

Additionally, desiccant breathers can be found on hydraulic lifts or foot bridges, gearboxes and bulk fuel storage tanks in airports around the world. Contact our expert technical staff to see how our products can assist you in your daily operations today.

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Portable units ideal for small to medium-sized reservoirs and low flow rate applications.

Extended Series® Breathers

High airflow, high-absorbent desiccant breathers with check-valve technology ideal for tank farms and large applications.

Storage Tanks
Wind Turbines
Large Gearboxes/Hydraulics
Oil Misting

Rebuildable Steel Breathers

Rebuildable, rugged steel breathers for high-flow and/or chemically harsh environments.

High Flow Applications
Harsh Environments
Bulk Storage
Large Hydraulics
Harsh Chemicals