A Pulp & Paper Success Story

In pulp and paper facilities, the high temperatures, high humidity, and constant water ingress that occur are particularly challenging and can adversely impact productivity and uptime. Effective water removal and lubricant filtration and protection are critical to increasing the life of equipment and minimizing downtime. Hybrid breathers that feature check valves, expansion chambers and color-indicating desiccant effectively remove moisture from the headspace of machinery and seal the system to prevent particle and water ingression for maximum protection.

The Problem

A North Carolina pulp and paper company was experiencing severe water ingression, not only from their process but also the environment. An oil analysis on their Falk gear unit showed 2,000 ppm of water present in the oil; 4 times higher than recommended.

The Solution 

Hydroguard HG-8 desiccant breathers were installed on the units.

The Result

The breathers lasted 9 months, lowering the presence of water in the oil down to 483 ppm (75% reduction of water). An estimated $500 annual savings in oil replacement per gear unit was realized.

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