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Real-Time Oil Analysis

Mar 17, 2020

“Sensor technology is changing the way we approach oil analysis and will alter the role of labs in the near future”. Mark Barnes, our Senior VP of business development shared what real-time oil analysis will do for companies in his most recent article with Efficient Plant.

For any critical oil-lubricated asset, oil analysis is a vital predictive-maintenance and proactive tool. Unlike other condition-monitoring tools, such as vibration analysis and thermography, that predominantly focus on detecting the onset of an incipient failure, oil analysis is capable of determining the causative factors that can lead to a failure such as the wrong lubricant, degraded lubricant, or contamination from particles or moisture. It is this proactive aspect of oil analysis that makes it such an indispensable tool in the condition-monitoring toolbox.

Traditionally, oil analysis has been route based, just like vibration analysis. Unlike vibration analysis, where a trained analyst can immediately identify a problem by looking at characteristic defect frequencies or even the time waveform, oil analysis requires the additional step of submitting a sample to an oil-analysis lab-either onsite or offsite-so that detailed physical or chemical tests can be conducted to try to identify issues. This additional step can often add days or, in extreme case, weeks to determining whether there is a pending problem.

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