Setting Lubrication SMART Goals for 2020

It is time to set goals for next year that are SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. Setting SMART goals provides accountability and continuity throughout an organization. It is critical for operations, maintenance, purchasing and management to be onboard the best practices train. Input from every department is required to fully implement a lubrication program and relies on the creation of a lubrication culture. Here are a few examples of SMART goals to get your organization thinking towards 2020:


Example 1. Develop a Lubrication Culture by Creating Awareness of Poor Lubrication Practices in Plant A

S: Provide employees with knowledge to overcome unexpected failures due to poor lubrication practices

M: Training certifications

A: Identify trusted partners to provide education about the effects of poor lubrication practices and solutions to achieve results

R: Best practices knowledge will increase and provide continuity throughout the plant

T: Achieved in 2020 


Example 2. Increase Equipment Reliability by Implementing Solutions to Increase Lubrication Practices in Section A of Plant A

S: Increase equipment reliability through lubrication best practices

M: Failure mode coding and equipment uptime

A: Identify trusted partners to provide holistic lubrication solutions

R: By achieving this goal, OEE and throughput will increase

T: Achieved in 2020 for section A of plant A


Example 3. Increase Equipment Reliability by Transporting Clean and Dry Oil to Equipment in Section A of Plant A

S: Increase equipment reliability by having clean and dry oil in the lubricant storage and handling room

M: Oil analysis - ISO 4406, Elemental analysis and Karl Fischer ASTM D6304

A: Identify trusted solutions partner and trusted lab partners

R: By achieving this goal, equipment reliability will be improved 3 to 8 times based on industry data

T: Achieved in 2020 for section A of plant A


To learn more about creating SMART goals or interested in talking with one of our services partners download our overview brochure Practical Lubrication Management


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