Adapter Kits

Lubricated equipment doesn’t come standard with all the connections you need to apply desiccant breathers and filtration systems. Make the connection simple and easy with Des-Case adapter kits.

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Adapter Kit Products

Gearbox Adapter Kit

Modify the fill port of your gearbox with one easy kit to connect to filtration systems and protect during operation and fluid transfer.

Drum Adapter Kit

Protect and filter your drums right as they enter your plant and during storage with the easy-to-use drum adapter kit.

Hydraulic Adapter Kit

Prevent and remove contamination in your hydraulics when you connect this kit to your filtration system.

Tote Adapter Kit

Protect and filter your storage totes to prevent dirt and water contamination.

Drain Port Adapter Kit

Provides multiple useful components such as level indicators, sample ports and a free water sight glass when port locations are limited.