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Vacuum Dehydration Unit

Des-Case vacuum dehydration (VAC) systems are designed to remove 100% of free and emulsified water and at least 90% of dissolved water from petroleum and synthetic-based fluids. And, VAC systems remove 100% of free gases and least 90% of dissolved gases. What makes a Des-Case VAC system most unique is it’s designed for continuous, unattended duty and doesn’t require vacuum tower maintenance or costly coalescing filter element replacements―the tower is completely sealed and uses permanent dispersion media.

By maintaining absolute fluid cleanliness, you can dramatically increase the life of critical electric transmission components, maintain dielectric strength and condition of insulation, minimize downtime and maximize profitability.




Flow Rates

3, 5, 10, 15, and 20gpm are the most common models.

Permanent Dispersion Media

Located in the vacuum tower to maximize water extraction rates and eliminate the need for costly replacement of coalescing elements, while enabling the system to operate effectively on high-viscosity gear oils.

Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump

High-quality specialty pump pulls deeper vacuum and higher CFM, and requires less maintenance than other conventional vacuum pumps.

Variable Frequency Drive

Enables operator to dial in the optimal flow rate and enhances the system’s overall performance during cold start-ups, on higher viscosity oils, or when a restricted inlet condition exists.

Single Utility

Requires electric service only—not a chilled water supply.

System View Windows

Enables operator to observe system operation and performance.

Filter Change Indicator Light

Positive indication when the particulate removal filter element is plugged and needs to be changed.

On-Site Training

All prices include 1-day on-site training,* installation, and a leave-behind manual (Continental United States only*).

Additional Options

Transformer oil filtration option, low and high vacuum options, skid or caster mounts.


  • Filtering hydraulic systems
  • Filtering steam turbine lube systems
  • Almost any industrial equipment containing oil


  • Heavy-duty, industrial construction
  • Lifting eyes, full drip pan, fork lift slots, heavy-duty casters
  • Basket strainer included to protect system
  • No vacuum tower maintenance needed
  • Designed for continuous, unattended duty
  • PLC controller is standard on all systems
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is standard on all systems
  • Higher water removal efficiency—as low as 20ppm for industrial systems
  • No water supply needed
  • Breather on the vacuum control inlet
  • Several warning indicators and safety alarms, such as low flow and high pressure
  • No replacement of coalescing elements needed, reducing maintenance cost
  • Features a low maintenance, continuous-duty pump
  • NEMA 4 electrical rating

When to Choose

  • If water ingress accounts for more than filter media can absorb
  • For applications with constant ingression of water
  • To remove dissolved water
  • For preventative measures in industries when water is used in production (i.e. Pulp & Paper)
  • For water removal in Group II base stock turbine oils, only water absorbing media filtration or vacuum dehydrators have been found effective

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