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The VariPure is the most advanced filter trolley for clean oil transfer and off-line filtration of hydraulic and lubricating fluids. It is the perfect solution for quick flushing and hydraulic systems with different viscosities, making it a highly flexible unit.


Product Details

Flow 18,5 – 50 l/min (750 – 2000 rpm)
Max. Oil Temperature 100° C
Seal material FPM
Max. pressure filter housing 20 bar
Suction and return hose 3 meter
Suction and return pipe 1 meter
Electric cable 15 meter
Viscosity range 12 – 800 cSt
Nominal power rating electric motor 0,75 kW Power rating may change when using different voltage
Suitable elements 60G series in 1, 3, 6 and 12 micron / 60A series in 1 & 5 micron
Pump safety 6 bar
Fluid compatibility Hydraulic fluid according ISO 2943
Approximate weight 115 kg
Prefilter 100 µm


  • FREQUENCY CONTROLLER – Regulates the speed of the electric motor and display actual amperage, RPM and frequency.
  • HYDRAULIC CONNECTIONS – Suction and return tubes for simple hydraulic connection.
  • PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL GAUGE/SWITCH – Indicates the element saturation and switches off the unit when filter element is saturated
  • SAMPLING POINTS – To connect a particle counter like PLPC.
  • ELECTRIC MOTOR – One motor for most commonly used voltages.
  • INDUSTRIAL WHEELS – Puncture proof tires for easy maneuvering on all floor surfaces.
  • GEAR PUMP – High quality low pressure steel gear pump with internal safety valve.
  • FILTER CART – Heavy duty steel, powder coated frame with removable drip tray.