Pulp & Paper

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In pulp and paper facilities, the high temperatures, high humidity, and constant water ingress that occur are particularly challenging and can adversely impact productivity and uptime.  Effective water removal and lubricant filtration and protection are critical to increasing the life of equipment and minimizing downtime.

Utilizing high quality vacuum dehydrators to remove free, dissolved and emulsified water help to protect lubricants from oxidation, degradation, and corrosion. Hybrid breathers that feature check valves, expansion chambers and color-indicating desiccant effectively remove moisture from the headspace of machinery and seal the system to prevent particle and water ingression for maximum protection.

Extreme Duty Breathers

Automotive grade housing and solid standpipe design offer increased airflow, vibration resistance, and temperature range.

Harsh Environments
Mobile Equipment
High Vibration/Impact

HydroGuard® Breathers

Desiccant breather with an expansion chamber and internal check-valves to create a nearly-sealed system in low-flow, steady-state operations and humid environments.

Steady-State Operations
High Humidity
Low-Flow Applications