Ever feel like you’re getting ‘textbook advice’ from consultants, but when it comes to implementation and follow-through you’re left in the dark? With a detailed roadmap, experienced project managers, practical advice and local distributor support, Des-Case can help with everything from implementation to execution. We offer practical advice and tools that can be implemented quickly and realistically. You may learn best practices in the classroom, but we also give you real-world, useful solutions for your unique situation so you can actually execute. So whether you’re struggling to help management understand the value of precision lubrication or just don’t know where to start, let our team of seasoned professionals guide you to a new and improved way to lubricate your valuable assets.


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Precision lubrication is about far more than what oil or grease you use.  It requires a focus on all aspects of the lubrication process; from storage and handling to dispensing, application to contamination control.  And for those assets that warrant oil analysis, getting representative oil samples and reliable data is critical in making the right maintenance decisions.

How Do You Stack Up in The Key Areas of Lubrication?

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The Des-Case 3-Day Lubrication Assessment is designed to help companies understand where the opportunities for lubrication improvements lie and to build a business case and project plan to transform how plant personnel think, act and feel about lubrication. Our lubrication engineers will perform a site assessment including a report detailing your benchmark score in each of the ten key areas of lubrication relative to best-in-class. For each area, the report provides specific action items that help detail the “low-hanging fruit” where simple and immediate improvements can be made. The assessment also includes a business case analysis to help plant management understand the compelling need for change.


How lubricants are stored and dispensed has an impact on all aspects of lubrication. Simply provide us the dimensions of the room or available space, together with a list of lubricants and quantities to be stored, and we’ll design an ergonomic storeroom complete with a 3-D virtual “fly-through” of how the finished room will look. The design will include a complete bill of materials and detailed instructions on how to set-up your new lubricant store room.


Getting the right lubricant in the machine at the right time is fundamental to precision lubrication. Our lubrication experts will help identify the correct lubricant as well as the correct re-lubrication interval and volume for each component. For machines where a change in lubricant type is warranted, our experts will guide you through the steps necessary to avoid cross contamination.


As part of the lubrication policy, our engineers will help build custom modification plans for each oil lubricated asset. Modification plans include simple addition of hardware such as quick connects, level gauges, breathers and sample ports to facilitate lubrication best practices. Modifying equipment for best practice helps ensure that every lubrication task can be performed without exposing equipment to the dirty plant environment.

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Companies that have less than ideal lubrication practices often lose an amount equivalent to 10-15% of their maintenance budget fixing lubrication related problems. Using a simple process, our team will help identify where the biggest savings can be made and present a simple business case to help plant managers understand the true value of precision lubrication. The business case includes a complete 3 or 5 year Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculation.

* NPV and IRR are estimates only.


Without a project plan, change management programs can go off course fast. As part of the assessment process, our seasoned project managers will help build an implementation timeline and project plan to help insure you stay on track. As required, our lubrication experts can even continue to serve on your project team to help make sure changes get executed properly.


Lubrication improvements are a journey―not a destination. Using the same benchmark tool as we use for the initial assessments, companies can re-evaluate their progress periodically to determine where they’ve improved lubrication performance, as well as which areas still need work.

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Our Lubrication Engineers have more than 75 years combined experience in the field.