Industrial Lubrication Training

1-Day Lubrication Training Workshop

Take the first steps to becoming a machinery lubrication rock star! Our 1-day workshops are designed to teach you the basics of implementing lubrication best practices. In addition to 8-hours of professional instruction, you will receive access to our benchmark assessment tools, so you can evaluate your machinery lubrication practices against best-in-class. You will also get a customized action item list, detailing the specific activities you need to work on to achieve precision lubrication performance.

3-Day PML Training Course

Do your job better and more effectively with our 3-day PML training course. Unlike other 3-day lubrication training courses, which focus strictly on the theory and chemistry of lubrication, we offer practical solutions and advice that teach you how to execute on precision lubrication. Built around the body of knowledge for the ICML, MLTI, and MLAI certification, this training course is ideal for anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of what it takes to achieve precision lubrication.

Basic Lubrication Awareness

Our ½ or 1-day basic lubrication awareness course is for those who require only basic lubrication knowledge, such as how to avoid over greasing or how to recognize common lubrication issues in the plant. If you have a group of operators, mechanics or millwrights who don’t need a deep dive into lubrication, but just the basics, this course is the perfect fit.

Custom Lubrication Training

Want a lubrication training course tailored specifically to your industry or learning objectives? Let Des-Case create a custom syllabus that addresses your unique goals. Whether you’re looking to educate site managers on the value proposition for precision lubrication or trying to learn more about electric motor re-greasing, Des-Case has a vast library of lubrication training resources. Our instructors have decades of in-plant experience and are frequently invited to share their machinery lubrication knowledge and stories at conferences and for companies around the globe.

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Lubrication Training Course Curriculum

Role of lubrication in machine reliability
Lubrication theory and fundamentals
Lubricates failure modes
Grease application methods
How to select the right lubricant
Lubricant contamination control
Storage and handling of lubricants
Oil sampling methods
Equipment modifications
Lubrication policy development

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