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Summer Playlist Series: Thursdays at 11:00am CST

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July 9, 2020: It’s Fun to Join in the C-B-M Panel

Join us, along with a panel of Des-Case thought leaders, for this live webinar as they discuss your questions relating to condition based monitoring and sensor technology. 

July 23, 2020: Start Me Up, Steps to Bring Your Equipment Back to Life After Scheduled Maintenance

Join us, along with presenter James Dimick, for this live webinar to learn best practices for bringing equipment back after scheduled plant shutdown and maintenance.

August 6, 2020: School Days, Back to the Basics

Join us, along with presenter Beth Onderdonk, for an overview of the lubricant lifecycle and learn the basics of lubricant management from arrival to storage, filtration, use and disposal.

August 20, 2020: Stop, Consolidate & Listen
How many different lubricants does a plant need? One plant may need 30 different oils and greases, while another only needs 6, but some plants can end up with more than 100 different lubricants, making lubricant storage and handling difficult to manage. Unnecessarily long lubricant lists come about for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest factors is strict adherence to OEM recommendations. The truth is that most machines can operate effectively with a number of different lubricants. Join us for this live webinar to learn various methods to consolidate and optimize the number of lubricants used in any manufacturing process without compromising lubrication quality.
September 3, 2020: More Than A Feeling… How do you prioritize ROI?

Join us, along with presenter Ed Duda, for this live webinar to learn more about return on investment for precision lubrication programs.

On-Demand: What’s Oil Got to Do With It?

When used properly, oil analysis is an invaluable insight into machine heath and can diagnose a variety of potential problems. But in order to make the recommended changes, plants must take the time establish the fundamentals of an effective lubrication program. Join us, along with presenter Mark Barnes, for this live webinar as we look at the some of the common problems highlighted by oil analysis and explain how to develop lubrication policies, procedures and metrics to maximize the prescriptive value of your oil analysis program.


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