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We’ll Bring a Live, Hands-On Precision Lubrication Demonstration To You!

Feb 8, 2017

We now have the ability to bring a precision lubrication demonstration to your plant and are proud to introduce our new Mobile Reliability Experience! Experience the best way to observe and learn how Des-Case products can protect and clean your lubricants throughout their lifecycle.

Our mobile demonstrations will show you…

  • STORAGE: How to properly store, tag, and filter new oil
  • TRANSFER: Transferring oil from storage to application without contamination
  • MODIFICATION: How to modify equipment for precision lubrication
  • IN OPERATION: How to fill and drain equipment and kidney loop oil while in use
  • ANALYSIS: Checking the oil, the presence of water, and monitoring the health of the oil
  • SAMPLING: How to properly take an oil sample and the various methods to do it
  • ASSESSMENT: In-plant critical asset assessment and sample opportunities

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