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In pulp and paper facilities, the high temperatures, high humidity, and constant water ingress that occur are particularly challenging and can adversely impact productivity and uptime. From hydraulics to lubrication, recycled waters and chemicals to boiler feed water, the reliability and availability of a pulp and paper mill can be improved by effective water removal and lubricant filtration and protection.


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Paper Mills

Whether producing pulp, paperboard or corrugated material, paper and pulp manufacturing plants use a wide range of equipment throughout the manufacturing process. This equipment depends on the lubricant to keep metal surfaces from contacting each other. Sawdust, moisture, acids, heavy loads and high speeds can create challenges for any lubricated equipment. The performance of the lubricant directly affects your operation’s short-term and long-term success. Downtime and parts replacement can be expensive.

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Paper Mill Equipment


Any failure of the Debarker will disrupt chip production leading to a potential material shortage. The primary drive gearbox is a critical component that should be protected and monitored. Desiccant breather, offline filtration and oil analysis should be used for this application.

Seal and Protect: VentGuard or HydroGuard desiccant breather
Clean and Purify: Panel Unit
View and Assess: 3-D BullsEye or Oil Sight Glass
Monitor and Diagnose: Sample Valves

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