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Most machines used in automotive manufacturing have spindles, gearboxes, mechanical or hydraulic presses, slides and cylinders that need lubrication. Clean fluids prevent wear, but become contaminated over time. Surfaces begin to touch, seals leak, hydraulic valves stick, friction builds, temperatures rise, and wear accelerates. But all of these can be controlled through simply controlling the level of contamination in lubricants and hydraulic fluids.


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Equipment Analysis

Utilizing desiccant breathers on hydraulics and other applications protects the lubricants and machinery from contamination-related wear and debris, allowing them to run longer and harder.  And, taking a proactive approach to contamination control by purifying lubricants with offline filtration systems will help you meet target cleanliness levels.

Automotive Plant Equipment

Stamping Press

Stamping presses are the beginning of the automotive plant process. The major oil lubricated components are the hydraulic power unit. The hydraulic unit provides the pressure required for the stamping to take place. If the hydraulic power unit fails, the stamping production line will shut down.

Hydraulic Unit
Seal and Protect: Hydraulic Adapter Kit with Extended Series or Titan desiccant breather
Clean and Purify: Off-Line Unit
View and Assess: Drain Port Adapter Kit with Oil Level Indicator
Monitor and Diagnose: Sample Valves, Oil Quality Sensor, Contamination Monitoring Sensor

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