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Extended® Series Desiccant Breathers

Des-Case Extended Series® desiccant breathers combine the trusted materials and design of our Standard breathers with the check-valves of our VentGuard™ and HydroGuard® breathers, plus a new oil mist reducing feature, higher air flows and more than double the desiccant! These high airflow, long-lasting desiccant breathers are ideal for tank farms and large or remote applications.

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Download EX Series Technical Specs

Model Specs

Model Unit Height (in / mm) Unit Diameter (in / mm) Connection Size Amount of Silica Gel (lbs / kg) Adsorption Capacity (fl oz / ml) Flow Rate (cfm) Flow Rate (lpm) Filter Efficiency Operating Temp. Range (°F) Operating Temp. Range (°C)
DC-EX-1 4.7 / 119 5.66 / 143.88 1″ Female (FNPT) 1.2 / 0.54 7.7 / 228 27 @ 1 psid 765 3µ absolute (β₃≥200) -20° to 200° -29° to 93°
DC-EX-2 6.4 / 163 5.66 / 143.88 1″ Female (FNPT) 2.2 / 1.0 14.1 / 417 26 @ 1 psid 736 3µ absolute (β₃≥200) -20° to 200° -29° to 93°
DC-EX-3 8.3 / 208 5.66 / 143.88 1″ Female (FNPT) 3.2 / 1.45 20.5 / 606 25 @ 1 psid 708 3µ absolute (β₃≥200) -20° to 200° -29° to 93°
DC-EX-4 10.0 / 254 5.66 / 143.88 1″ Female (FNPT) 4.2 / 1.91 27.0 / 798 24 @ 1 psid 680 3µ absolute (β₃≥200) -20° to 200° -29° to 93°

Model Sizing

Model Suction/Return Rate at 1 psid (gpm/lpm) Gearbox/Storage Tank Max. Volume (gal/L) Hydraulic Reservoir Max. Volume (gal/L)
DC-EX-1 202 / 765 400 / 1,514 100 / 379
DC-EX-2 195 / 736 600 / 2,271 200 / 757
DC-EX-3 187 / 708 800 / 3,028 300 / 1,136
DC-EX-4 180 / 680 1,000 / 3,785 400 / 1,514

Please Note: This is intended as a general guideline for sizing only; other considerations, such as: humidity level, frequency of air flow, ambient temperatures, and chemical compatibility are very important in sizing a breather properly. Larger applications and special circumstances typically require the most thorough analysis. Please contact Des-Case for assistance in sizing a breather.

Did You Know...


Part Number Description
DC-EXVA-12M 3/4″ MNPT Steel Vent Valve Adapter for Extended Series Breathers”
DC-EXVA-16M 1″ MNPT Steel Vent Valve Adapter for Extended Series Breathers”
DC-EXA-10 1″ MNPT Threaded Steel Adapter for Extended Series Breathers”
DC-EXA-17 3/4″ MNPT Threaded Steel Adapter for Extended Series Breathers”


By the Numbers

ExBreather-Cutaway1–Six Check-Valves
High-quality umbrella check-valves that won’t clog or stick are located underneath the unit for added protection from washdown environments. Check-valves isolate equipment from ambient conditions prolonging breather life, and protecting system integrity.

2–Integrated Nylon Standpipe
The integrated standpipe provides excellent vibration resistance and dissipates impact throughout the unit, eliminating weak points. It also allows even airflow distribution throughout the unit, preventing inaccurate readings of desiccant saturation.

3–Honeycomb Technology Oil Mist Reducer
The oil mist reducer is situated inside the standpipe, made from polypropylene for maximum chemical compatibility. Mimicking nature’s intricate honeycomb design, this feature allows oil mist to coalesce and drain back into the reservoir, rather than compromising the desiccant.

4–Resilient Polycarbonate Body
Shock-absorbing, clear casing provides reliable service, easy visual maintenance, and UV resistance.

5–Filter Element
Polyester filter element removes airborne contamination to 3-micron absolute. Unique loops allow particles to release during system exhalation, helping to increase breather life.

6–Foam Pad
Foam filter captures any oil mist and disperses incoming air evenly over filtration and drying areas.

7–Water Vapor Adsorbent
Silica gel adsorbs water from incoming air and can hold up to 40% of its weight. Condition is indicated by change of color from blue to light pink.

8– Secondary Filter Element
Second polyester filter element protects against migration of desiccant dust, providing maximum efficiency.

9–Threaded Mounting
Internal threads provide durability and stability and can be used with one of several adapters.


  • Storage Tanks
  • Wind Turbines
  • Large Gearboxes/Hydraulics
  • Oil Misting
  • Remote Applications

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