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Gearbox Breather Vent

From high-speed gearing found in turbomachinery to slow speed gear reducers found across a multitude of manufacturing and process industries, today’s gear drives are precision components with higher power densities requiring a greater focus on lubrication.


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Gearbox Reliability Whitepaper

Most contamination control strategies for gear drives focus too much on the dirt you can see, but the dirt that is the most concerning is actually invisible to the naked eye. The particles that do the most damage are in the 2-5 micron range. This is the range of clearance in many sensitive components including servo valves, bearings and the pitch line of gear teeth. This white paper examines the factors that impact precision lubrication; including lubricant selection, application and contamination control, as well as how to develop precision lubrication practices for enclosed gears.

Modify Your Equipment to Seal and Protect It

Receive a downloadable plan for your specific make and model of equipment. Modification plans include simple addition of hardware such as quick connects, level gauges, breathers and sample ports to facilitate lubrication best practices.

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