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Petrochemical & Refinery

Petrochemical plants rely on a wide variety of equipment, from process fluid systems, to process ovens to high-pressure compressors, to ventilation systems. It’s critical that equipment performs as reliably as possible, because unscheduled downtime on one piece of equipment could bring the rest of the plant to a screeching halt.


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Equipment Analysis

More so than any other industry, the hydrocarbon processing industry relies on rotating equipment to deliver results. From pumps to compressors, turbines to gearboxes, equipment reliability is vital to maintain a competitive advantage. Layer in the exceptionally high downtime costs of certain units that can exceed $1MM a day, the harsh operating environment (typically outside), and the long turnaround cycles that can extend to 3-5 years and it all adds up to a significant challenge.

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Petrochemical and Refinery Equipment


Pumps operate in a dirty, wet environment which experience heavy particulate and water contamination. The bearing within the pump housing is the main oil lubricated component. Bearings are very sensitive to contamination. If this pump fails, water will not be sent to the boiler to produce steam, to run the turbine and ultimately produce electricity.

Seal and Protect: Gearbox Adapter Kit with VentGuard desiccant breather
Clean and Purify: Filter Cart, Drum Topper, Oil Transfer Containers
View and Assess: 3-D BullsEye, Oil Sight Glass
Monitor and Diagnose: Sample Valves, Oil Quality Sensor, Condition Monitoring Center

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