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Des-Case offers practical advice from our industry professionals and tools that can be implemented quickly and realistically.

Our Total Lubrication Care (TLC) Program has been developed to provide the knowledge, subject matter expertise and project management support to create lasting change towards a sustainable, world-class precision lubrication program for maximum plant efficiency and equipment uptime.

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The Total Des-Case Solution

Ever feel like you’re getting ‘textbook advice’ from consultants, but when it comes to implementation and follow-through you’re left in the dark? With a detailed roadmap, experienced project managers, practical advice and local distributor support, Des-Case can help with everything from implementation to execution. We offer practical advice and tools that can be implemented quickly and realistically. You may learn best practices in the classroom, but we also give you real-world, useful solutions for your unique situation so you can actually execute. So whether you’re struggling to help management understand the value of precision lubrication or just don’t know where to start, let our team of seasoned professionals guide you to a new and improved way to lubricate your valuable assets. Start your lubrication journey today!

Lubrication Trainings

Workshop & Courses

Education provides a common language at all levels of an organization. Our certification training is designed to help companies develop and deploy an executable plan to achieve lubrication best practice. Des-Case offers in-person training classes as well as virtual options. 

Digital Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides an interactive training experience for individuals looking to expand their knowledge in the precision lubrication realm. We offer comprehensive content and several courses to meet educational requirements; starting with an introductory 1/2-day course, 1-day Lubrication Best Practice Workshop and in-depth Machinery Lubrication Certification Courses.

Consulting Offerings

Additional Resources

Technical Resources

Looking for technical information regarding our products. Check out our one stop shop to all your technical resource needs. 

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