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Steel & Aluminum

The process of metal production is hard on lubricants, with extreme temperatures, extreme loads, corrosion, abrasive particulates, caustic substances and acids all combining to create a tough environment. 


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Iron and Steel Mills

Machines in iron and steel mills are expected to run reliably for a long time despite its components and lubricants being subjected to extreme operating conditions like high temperatures, high loads, water, steam and aggressive chemicals. Combined, these conditions degrade lubricants, cause unplanned downtime and increase maintenance costs.  

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Iron and Steel Mill Equipment

Continuous Casting

Casting operates in an extremely hot and corrosive environment which experiences heavy particulate and water contamination. The major oil lubricated component is the gearbox drive. If this fails, casting will come to a halt which will result in production loss and safety exposure.

Seal and Protect: Gearbox Adapter Kit with VentGuard, Extended Series or Extreme Duty desiccant breather
Clean and Purify: Panel Unit
View and Assess: 3-D BullsEye or Drain Port Adapter Kit with Oil Level Indicator
Monitor and Diagnose: Sample Valves, Contamination Monitoring Sensor

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