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Wind Energy

The wind power sector has a unique and very demanding set of challenges, including extreme operating conditions, hard-to-access locations, and the need for continuous availability and efficiency.


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Wind Turbines

Machinery reliability in wind turbines is especially tasking as poor lubrication practices can cause failures in system gearbox, hydraulic systems and bearings, which are costly to fix. To increase scheduled time between maintenance, reduce cost of lubrication replacement, and protect the system from failure, prevention and treatment of contamination with is key.

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Wind Turbine Equipment


Gearboxes in wind turbines differ from those in high-speed machinery. In ground-based gearboxes, the progress of failure can occur in weeks, days, or even hours. In wind turbines, the impact of contaminants on slower turning gear drives is slow and insidious. Nevertheless, the mean time between failure (MTBF) for gears and shaft-support bearings can be increased by as much as two to three times by maintaining optimum levels of fluid cleanliness and dryness.

Seal and Protect: Extended Series desiccant breathers
Filter and Purify: Panel Unit

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