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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage manufacturing industry poses a complex mix of challenges for lubrication: Machinery runs around the clock; there are varying environments that include water, steam, flour, other contaminants, extreme temperatures and on top of all of that, the lubricants used must meet strict food health & safety requirements where it could contact anything consumable.


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Equipment Analysis

Food processing equipment requires tough, durable lubricants that must withstand conditions such as washdowns, high oven temperatures and areas susceptible to high contamination. Des-Case offers maintenance training and product solutions to maximize the profitability of food processing operations through optimum maintenance practices.

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Food and Beverage Equipment


Palletizers operate in a dirty environment due to the cardboard and recycled bottles. The major lubricated components in these areas are gearboxes and hydraulic power units. The gearboxes drive conveyors and operates a lift and the hydraulic power unit operates arms to carry containers to the next processes.

Seal and Protect: VentGuard desiccant breather
Clean and Purify: Filter Cart or Panel Unit
View and Assess: 3-D BullsEye or Oil Level Indicator

Hydraulic Unit
Seal and Protect: Hydraulic Adapter Kit with Extended Series, Titan or Extreme Duty desiccant breather
Clean and Purify: Off-Line Unit
View and Assess: Drain Port Adapter Kit with Oil Level Indicator
Monitor and Diagnose: Sample Valves, Oil Quality Sensor, Contamination Monitoring Sensor

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