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In some plants, the single largest asset class is pumps. From small ANSI to large API pumps, reliability is critical. Layer in the exceptionally high downtime costs of certain units that can exceed $1M a day, the harsh operating environment (typically outside), and the long turnaround cycles that can extend to 3-5 years and it all adds up to a significant challenge.

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Pump Reliability Whitepaper

Pumps can often been the largest single asset class in a facility, and having these them up and running properly is critical. For this reason, most plants pay particularly close attention to pump reliability and often track Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). In many plants, pump MTBF varies between 5-8 years depending on the maturity of maintenance practices. However, with just a little effort, significant improvements to pump reliability and longevity can be achieved through the application of precision lubrication practices.

Modify Your Equipment to Seal and Protect It

Receive a downloadable plan for your specific make and model of equipment. Modification plans include simple addition of hardware such as quick connects, level gauges, breathers and sample ports to facilitate lubrication best practices.

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