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Filtration for a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Off-Line Unit for Wavin


Wavin Hardenberg




Engel VC 2050/300 (Reservoir Size: 870L)

Products Used

Off-Line Units


Company Profile

Wavin provides above and below ground pipe systems for hot & cold tap water, surface heating and cooling, soil and waste, storm water management and last mile telecom. The end-to-end solutions include consultation, design, implementation and after-sales service. Wavin is a separate division within the Mexichem Group, leader in plastic pipe systems and in the chemical and petrochemical industry in Latin America. Wavin has offices in 24 European countries with manufacturing plants in 15 of those.

Wavin Hardenberg

At the WAVIN plant in Hardenberg, plastic injection moulding machines are used for production of couplings and fittings. To increase productivity and reduce costs on these machines, Wavin set the following goals:

  • Reduce downtime hydraulic system, caused by oil contamination
  • Improve cleanliness levels hydraulic oil / Increase lifetime hydraulic oil

RMF Scope

With standard filtration solutions like Suction, Pressure & Return line filters, the oil cleanliness still exceeds the levels requested by the component suppliers (of servo & prop. valves). The solution for Wavin was to install 31 RMF branded Off-Line Units.


  • Oil cleanliness before Off-Line filtration: ISO 15/12/11, NAS3
  • Oil cleanliness after 3 months of Off-Line filtration: ISO 11/08/00, NAS0

* Particle counts were performed on Engel VC 2050/300 machines with a reservoir size of 870 L.