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Mobile Equipment Kits

The Des-Case mobile equipment kits provide filtration with depth media for a constant contamination control solution at very low ISO cleanliness levels. Investing in preventative measures to keep dust, dirt, debris and water out of engine or hydraulic oils can help your mobile equipment run at peak capacity.


Engine Kits

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The Mobile Equipment Engine Kits work by taking small amounts of oil after the OEM full flow filter and directing it through the engine kit. Oil flows through the canisters at a set rate and is returned directly to the engine sump. The system is designed to prevent the canisters from being emptied when the equipment is shut down, while the small amount of oil directed through the engine kit at any given time ensures the engine is never starved of oil. A pressure relief valve is also installed to prevent accidental over pressuring of the canisters during cold cranking.

Hydraulic Kits

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Oil flow will originate from a constant pressure point in the hydraulic system. A pressure compensated flow control valve is installed at the inlet of the filter canister to meter flow into the hydraulic system. Oil will flow through the canister at the set rate and be returned to the reservoir. A pressure relief valve is also installed in the canister and returns to the reservoir to prevent accidental over pressuring of the canister.

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