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Bring Your Assets Back to Life After Downtime

With the global pandemic in mind, some equipment and assets may be off the production line or experiencing downtime. It’s important to get your assets up and running again after things resume to normal operations – and to do it safely.

Des-Case and POLARIS Laboratories®️ conducted a panel discussion to discuss the importance of clean oil and the role fluid analysis plays in equipment health and best practices for getting your equipment back up and running safely.

Topics include:

  • Best practices for starting up equipment after operation downtime
  • Safely re-starting hydraulic systems and gearboxes
  • How to ensure maintenance is done properly and on time
  • Taking this time to install sample valves for easy sampling
  • Asset health monitoring with fluid analysis
  • Sending in a base line sample when testing

Panelists include:
Mark Barnes, Senior Vice President Global Sales and Business Development, Des-Case
Julio Acosta, Technical Business Consultant, POLARIS Laboratories®️