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Tank Breathers

Des-Case is the originator of the original desiccant breather, so naturally our line of tank breathers are the gold standard in desiccant breathers. All of our tank breather products produce high airflow, are highly absorbent, and have check-valve technology for storage tank farms and large applications.

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What does a tank breather filter do?

Tank breathers are a type of filter that clean and protect fluids from moisture and particulate contamination as they are added to storage tanks, ensuring that air and moisture are dispersed from the system as levels of fluid change and the new air entering the system is filtered. Tank breathers will trap air particles before they have the opportunity to enter a tank, ensuring that the oil is kept clean, which will reduce the buildup of contaminants and cost of maintenance over time. Extending the working life span of the system.


Breathers are used as a protection device and are often mounted on the top of a nozzle opening of a storage tank, often replacing the standard dust cap. Our tank breathers are compatible with most synthetic oils, diesel, and most synthetic oils.  

  • Small Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Equipment Fuel Tanks
  • Emergency Generator Tanks
  • Totes
  • Storage Drums
  • Remote Applications


  • High performance air filtration 
  • Highly absorbent desiccant breathers 


The benefit of using Des-Case breathers is that every breather has been designed to work in a vast variety of applications and industries. As a pioneer in the breather industry for decades, Des-Case uses quality, rugged materials, and innovative designs in technology. We’re so confident you’ll be so satisfied with the results you’ll see when using our breathers that we’ll even send you one to try completely free.

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