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Staffing Up For Success

Trends show that over the course of a few decades, manufacturers have increased their focused-on reliability to improve their bottom line. Precision lubrication plays a critical piece of any successful reliability program. Though many companies desire to have an excellent lubrication program, they often fail to reach the goal for various reasons. One of the biggest contributing factors of success, or lack thereof, is having the right people driving reliability programs in organizations.

Jarrod Potteiger, Des-Case Director of Services, shares the tools you need to find the right candidates and how to enable them to succeed in creating a world-class program and a culture of excellence.

Key Takeaways • Use training and certification to educate, identify, and equip key personnel • Create a process of continuous improvement using lubrication Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) • Establish work-arounds to common impediments that prevent placement of the best candidates in lubrication roles