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Maintenance Matters No Matter What Industry Your In

Imagine a scenario where the power has shut down at your hospital. This shouldn’t be an issue, right? The backup generator will save the day, right? What if the backup generator doesn’t start?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are at risk for equipment interruptions – posing threats to patients – if assets such as essential electrical systems and HVAC units aren’t properly maintained.


Do You Want a Free Lube Room?

What if you could win up to $30,000* of Des-Case products to outfit the lube room at your plant? You’d be a reliability hero!

Soon, this could be your reality. Des-Case is proud to announce our first ever Lube Room Makeover Contest!


What's Trending and Important in Industrial Lubrication & Oil Analysis

In its June 2017 issue, Machinery and Equipment MRO interviewed three oil and lubrication specialists, one of which was Mark Barnes, Des-Case's VP of Services, to uncover industry trends that are important to suppliers and users alike. They were asked to consider factors that significantly influence decision-making on more easily protecting equipment, and to share insights on what's new, what holds valueand provides improvements, as well as what helps solve common problems.


Viscosity, Thermography, and Three Hot Gearboxes

If you are involved in a thermography program then you know that the key purpose is to identify potential maintenance issues based on the operating temperatures of a component. All components have a designated normal or safe operating range based on the specific application and context of loads, speeds, pressures, etc. Thermography, as a condition monitoring technology, monitors the operating temperatures of a component to aid in pinpointing specific locations of temperature flux.  


My Equipment's Not Running, How Can that Reduce Oil Health? - Part 3

While you may think that the life of the oil is not being affected if the machine isn’t running, in fact it often is. In part one and part two of this three-part post, we discussed how shutdowns could negatively affect lubricant film and increase contamination risks. For part three, we'll reveal the oil health can decline in shutdown equipment.

HG-8 Desiccant Breather

A Pulp & Paper Success Story

In pulp and paper facilities, the high temperatures, high humidity, and constant water ingress that occur are particularly challenging and can adversely impact productivity and uptime. Effective water removal and lubricant filtration and protection are critical to increasing the life of equipment and minimizing downtime.


What is Lubricant Cleanliness?

When we speak in terms of cleanliness, we often refer to the ISO particle count of the oil, but do you really understand what this cleanliness code means and why it is important?


4 Uses for a Des-Case Drum Topper

Although drum toppers were originally designed for system decontamination, they also have a number of other applications providing a versatile solution to aid you in your journey toward lubrication best practices. In this post, we reveal four of the most common applications for your drum topper.


We'll Bring a Live, Hands-on Precision Lubrication Demonstration to You!

Experience the best way to observe and learn how Des-Case products can protect and clean your lubricants throughout their lifecycle. From storage, to transfer, and while in-use.


Don't Fix the Problem, Prevent It

What if you you could decrease the frequency of your oil changes, your equipment didn't break down, and you didn't have to lose sales revenue? Wouldn't you want to adopt practices that accomplished all this?


Fluid Power World Features IsoLink in their Product Spotlight

Fluid Power World Managing Editor, Mary Gannon, and Associate Editor, Mike Santora, demonstrate the functionality of IsoLink oil transfer containers, the first best practice solution to keep oil clean and dry during oil transfer. IsoLink is ideal for small volume transfer from storage to a system, ensuring clean, contaminant-free oil.

Oil Sight Glass

Introducing the New, Reimagined Oil Sight Glass

We are constantly looking for ways to provide solutions that provide the ultimate lubricant protection and long life for machinery. With the new oil sight glass, our engineers reimagined what an oil sight glass could do, resulting in an innovative leap forward that will make your customers' jobs easier.


How Can Reliable Equipment Increase Profits?

An important metric in lean manufacturing is overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), which is the product of Availability x Yield x Quality. Simply stated, OEE represents your performance compared to perfection. So if your availability factor is 79.9%, your yield factor is 80% and your quality factor is 93.8%, your OEE = 60%. This means that you’re running at 60% of perfection. While no organization actually achieves 100% OEE, your goal should be to close the gap between your current and desired performance level. 


3 Ways to Improve Your Lubricant Storage & Handling Program

Lubricant cleanliness can be increased through the improvement of your storage and handling program. By improving storage and handling, you can eliminate the ingression of contaminants into new lubricants and therefore eliminate ingression of contaminants into a component through new lubricant additions.

Here are 3 general ways to improve your Lubricant Storage & Handling Program.

lubrication savings

Excluding contaminants costs less than having to remove them

Contamination control is the single greatest opportunity for gains in the average lube program and significant gains in machinery reliability can be made with minimal investments.

If studies show it costs about 10 times as much to remove contaminants than it does to exclude it, then what are some of the ways you can keep contaminants from entering your system?


Making the Switch from a Maintenance Mindset to a Reliability Mindset

For many years, plants have treated maintenance budgets as a cost generating line item, and as we all know when profits need to be maximized the easiest and quickest solution is to decrease spending rather looking to increase revenue. When we view something as solely a cost, our impulse is to keep it small or shrink it. This impulse can prove even costlier in the long run.


What is a Lube Room and Why is it Important?

A lube room is just what it sounds like: a room or area in a facility where lubricant is stored. But in order for your plant’s lube room to help you achieve your reliability goals, you need to know more than that.