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Hybrid Breather Case Study

Hydroguard Hybrid Breather (DC-HG-8) Water Treatment Facility


Central Ohio


Water Treatment


Company Profile

A central Ohio water treatment facility that successfully utilizes underground water technology to supply residents and businesses with clean drinkable water.

Des-Case provided us with a contamination control solution we had never seen before. The Hydroguard™ breather proved to be the perfect solution for our industry’s needs.

Plant Maintenance Manager, Central Ohio Water Treatment Plant

The Challenge

Providing local communities with water is not just a daily industrial task; it is a necessity for life. When a single piece of equipment can determine whether or not people receive fresh clean water, it is imperative that this equipment is in optimum working condition.

The water treatment facility in this study utilized four Solid Contact Clarifier systems. Each of the four systems housed a dual-concentric drive. While conducting routine maintenance, it was discovered that large amounts of water were found in the drives‟ oil reservoirs. Not only could the water damage the equipment by potentially leading to a breakdown of the food grade 220 oil, it was also increasing the amount of oil changes needed and creating additional maintenance expense.

The facility was in need of a contamination control product that would be compatible with their low-flow application.  In consultation with Des-Case,  the water treatment facility aimed to find a solution that was cost efficient while meeting their environmental needs.

The Solution:

Des-Case was able to offer an affordable and innovative product to meet the specific needs of the water treatment facility. The Hydroguard™ Hybrid Breather (DC-HG-8) proved to be an ideal fit for this application.

The DC-HG-8‟s low-flow was well-matched for the dual-concentric drives‟ needs, and the expansion chamber allowed excess air to remain inside the breather whenever the equipment “breathed”. Additionally, the check valves proved an ideal solution to the issues faced by the placement of this equipment outside, exposed to the elements. The internal check valves and expansion chamber allowed the system to maintain a completely sealed headspace, opening only when required by pressure build-up.

Months after installation, the breather was still blue and had outlasted the facility„s expectations. They also noted how simple the breather was to use, understand and install.

Des-Case‟s contamination control solutions provided a unique opportunity to address the water facility‟s needs and specific application. Integrating the DC-HG-8 desiccant breather easily addressed their equipment challenges and allowed them to focus on the more important aspect of their day-to-day: ensuring that their customers have an uninterrupted supply of clean water.

Product Specifications
  • Expansion chamber & internal check valve structure create a nearly sealed system
  • Integrated nylon standpipe provides vibration resistance and prevent silica gel from entering the system
  • Clear and durable polycarbonate casing allows for easy viewing to see when desiccant changes color
  • Filter element captures particles at 3 micron absolute (β₃≥200)