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RS Breather Case Study

Rebuildable Steel Breather (DC-RS-50) TECASEN


Retail Manufacturer-Industrial Equipment
Guayaquil, Ecuador (South America)


Contamination Control


Company Profile

For years, TECASEN has been an innovative driver, providing their customers with industrial solutions that eliminate money spent due to the contamination of oils and fuels. TECASEN solutions protect industrial equipment by eliminating particulate and moisture contamination ultimately resulting in equipment longevity and a reduction in operation downtime.


The Des-Case solution was intuitively engineered and the serviceability was best in class when compared to other options.

Juan Carlos Muñoz

Gerente General, TECASEN

The Challenge

When critical and costly lubricants are stored, it is imperative that the levels of contamination are reduced from the storage tanks that house these lubricants.

Contamination is the leading cause of machinery failure by directly impairing the lubricant’s ability to control friction, wear, and corrosion. Particle count and moisture level are two vital factors within the lubricants that can lead to equipment malfunction.

Fearing that the contamination within the oil would result in detrimental consequences, TECASEN’s customer asked them to find a solution that could protect a series of 10,000 gallon bulk oil storage tanks. Knowing that these tanks supplied costly industrial equipment, TECASEN looked to Des-Case to provide a solution for the bulk storage applications.

The Solution:

Des-Case’s Rebuildable Steel Breather (DC-RS-50) was ideal for this application. With a 1 micron absolute filter and fifty pounds of desiccant this product met both prerequisites…eliminating moisture from the oil and tiny particulate from entering the storage tanks. Additionally, the carbon steel housing provided the perfect stronghold against the elements and the rebuildable nature of the units allowed for reuse of materials and lower operational costs.

Upon arrival, the stored oil came with an average of 50% moisture content. After installation of the DC-RS-50 breather, the moisture content had lowered to 20%, below saturation level.

The DC-RS-50 out-performed competitive alternatives and provided TECASEN’S customer the solution they were looking for. “Des-Case’s product innovation and expertise in breather design allowed us to meet our customer’s needs and supersede their expectations,” Juan Carlos Muñoz, TECASEN.

Product Specifications:
  • Rugged steel housing
  • Pleated filter elements captures airborne contamination to 1 micron
  • Water vapor absorbent, clear silica gel absorbs water from incoming air
  • Outside site glass, silica gel changes color from blue to pink when unit requires rebuild kit
  • Integrated standpipe, resilient construction provides durability and allows oil mist to coalesce and drain back into reservoir
  • Ideal for: high-flow applications & harsh environments