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XD Breather Mexico Case Study

Extreme Duty Breather (DC-XD-6) CEMEX






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Company Profile

CEMEX-Mexico is one of the top cement and ready-mix concrete manufacturers in Mexico. Supplying the market with top quality cement through an innovative distribution network has enabled CEMEX-Mexico to become the industry leader for customers with specific concrete needs. CEMEX-Mexico’s successful brand recognition coupled with their best practices for concrete usage has allowed them to provide their customers with long lasting, economic, and sustainable concrete products for any building design.


At Des-Case, it is our challenge to not only ensure that the design of our products is unmatched in the market, but also to put our products to the test and to guarantee positive results for our customers.

Jarrod Potteiger

Educational Service Manager, Des-Case Corporation

The Need For A Study

For over 25 years, Des-Case has provided a variety of comprehensive water and particulate contamination solutions to the worlds’ leading companies. Des-Case’s contamination control products help companies lower the hazardous particulate that can negatively affect machinery life and eventually cause production downtime and cost money.

When CEMEX-Mexico wanted to proactively pursue contamination control by lowering particle count within the oil inside their hydraulic systems, they turned to Des-Case’s expertise and innovative products.

Des-Case conducted a nine month comprehensive case study on a series of mobile hydraulic systems to determine the efficiency of Des-Case products when compared to competitive solutions.

Six mobile hydraulic systems, classified as the test group, were modified by exchanging the existing filler/breather cap for a Des-Case Hydraulic Adapter Kit and an Extreme Duty Breather (DC-XD-6). Within these six mobile hydraulic systems the oil was changed, and the reservoir thoroughly filtered with offline filtration equipment to ensure purification prior to testing.

In addition to the six mobile hydraulic systems; eight other mobile hydraulic systems, six with traditional breathers classified as the control group and two with sealed tanks, were thoroughly filtered to provide equal comparison. Through out the nine months, the oils were regularly monitored and particle contamination was measured within these systems .

The Result:

After nine months of consistent measuring and recording, Des-Case’s Extreme Duty  Breather (DC-XD-6) proved to be a successful solution for CEMEX-Mexico. Results showed that the test group in which the Extreme Duty Breathers had been installed out-performed alternative products. The Extreme Duty Breather not only protected the mobile hydraulic systems from the contaminate that had previously freely entered their systems, but was also an equal match for the considerable amount of vibration, high-flow of oil, and rugged environment in which these mobile hydraulic systems normally operate. As the results were finalized, the below data showed that the Test Group significantly surpassed the Control Group.

Micron Size Test Group Control Group % Difference
Extreme Duty Breather Filler Breather Gap
4μm 16,600 particles/mL 33,300 particles/mL 100%
6μm 490 particles/mL 3,700particles/mL 655%
14μm 22 particles/mL 41particles/mL 87%

The innovatively designed Extreme Duty Breather, allowed CEMEX-Mexico to achieve their overall goal; lowering particle contaminates within their equipment systems by utilizing a product that could withstand their individual application and successfully achieve their contamination control needs. The Des-Case team met the challenge head-on and provided a product that fully integrated all aspects of the customer’s environment successfully combating alternative products and providing a solution that once again fortifies why Des-Case is the industry leader when it comes to contamination control products and services.

Product Specifications:
  • Automotive grade housing
  • Resilient in a variation of temperature ranges
  • Three layers of protection to 0.3μ absolute
  • Water vapor absorbent, silica gel absorbs water from incoming air
  • Internal check valve system
  • Solid standpipe design offers increased vibration resistance
  • Ideal for: harsh environments, mobile equipment, nautical applications